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How to submit:



Write your submission on a Google Doc and share it with my email

If your submission is art work feel free to share that with my email through a picture on Google Docs or Google Drive itself.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can title your  document as such.  If you want your name to be displayed in the book, title your document with your full name.



After submitting your work through Google Docs or Google Drive, fill out the form that you will see when you scroll down.

It is essential you fill this brief form out so I can contact you about your work if any edits must be made.

If your piece is too long I will contact you to take an excerpt instead.

A video guide on how to share your work with me is attached.

How to Share Your Submission With Me

How to Share Your Submission With Me

Play Video
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Confirm Your Submission.

Write "Anonymous" for first and last name if you do not wish for your name to appear with your work.

Please provide your phone number or email, or both. 

Thanks for submitting! Stay safe.

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